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   Establishing Your Website!

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     You are at the first step in establishing your Network Marketing Website. You will need two new email accounts ( G Mail ) is only what these companies use for this and you should only use these accounts for your Network Marketing Website. Some companies require two G mail accounts one to recieve emails and the other as a contact account.This step is the longest and hardest but the most important step of all. This is the 'signup' step where you need to sign up at each company on the list that you do not already belong to. And then add your companies to the list so when people sign up they become your referrals and not mine. You can not get paid if you have not signed up. So sign up now to lay the foundation for your Network Marketing Website.You will need a payment processor for your payment.

    As you log into each company take a close look at the offers that show up. By upgrading your membership you get extra advertising and free referrals and other benefits. They are well worth the investments. Life time upgrade are your Best choice at Mailers,Safe Lists and Traffic Exchanges.If you are just starting out and don't have a lot of money for these Lifetime memberships save until you do.Look the OTO's over an make a priority list and upgrade when you have money to do so.

Thank you for joining PTR System hope you have fun being a Marketer and sending emails and making money with your new website.

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If you have any questions regarding your New Website please email me.

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